ABOUT ramona sakiestewa


For over 30 years, Sakiestewa has written and lectured extensively about weaving, including a USIA Lecture Tour of Japan. She has shown her work nationally in numerous group and solo shows. Her studio also wove the work of other contemporary artists.


The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation commissioned Sakiestewa to weave 13 tapestries based on Wright’s original architectural drawings. She also worked with Gloria Frankenthaler Ross for a number of years weaving the work of contemporary artist Kenneth Noland.


Concurrently for the last 15 years, Sakiestewa has worked with a series of nationally known architects designing elements for buildings in a variety of media including stone, metal, and glass. 

Some of her work can be seen at the Tempe Performing Arts Center in Tempe, Arizona; Marriott Hotels in California and Washington, DC; and the National Museum of the American Indian, a Mall Museum in Washington, DC. Sakiestewa often creates watercolors and drawings that are deconstructed and then reconstructed and become the underpinning designs for the three-dimensional work she does for architects. It is this direction of constructed and manipulated pieces that Sakiestewa is now exploring along with contemporary print work. Travel continues to inspire Sakiestewa’s artistic work. She has lived and worked in New York City, Mexico City, Peru, Japan, China, and most recently in northern Iraq. She lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico.