Work on Paper & Paintings

03 Sakiestewa_Blue_Shape1

The Original Superheros: These prints are drawn from a group of existing Katsinas in various collections. There is something wonderful about the early Katsina carvings. They have a kind of  “animus” of the carver. Variable editions printed on Arches 88 with Akua inks. Hand drawn on glass plates and transferred to Solar Plates. Printed 2010.

Tangram Butterfly: A series of three print editions, Red, Blue and Gold. I have had an interest in the Chinese puzzle game of Tangram for over 30 years. I also have had boxes of shards that I collected as a small child from ranch lands and I was finally able to merge these two interests together with these series. They are lithography editions printed on Somerset Velvet White paper with metallic gold, silver and copper inks. The Tangram Butterfly Gold is then gold leafed in 23 Carat Gold.


Yucca 7

Other Shapes: A variety of shapes that I have carried in my head for many years. They are becoming a sort of visual lexicon of their own over time. Some are drawn and others are cut from previous prints that I make to then rework and reconstruct.

Sky Fish: A print collaboration between my son, Micah Sakiestewa Sze, and myself. He photographed a series of Koi fish in ponds in Hawaii. The photographs capture the reflected sky and clouds in the surface of the water. The prints are over-printed with photographs of dried plants from my vegetable garden. Both are printed on 100% silk with Akua inks. The photographs were etched onto Solar Plates. Printed 2011. 

New Paintings: For many years I have been told that my tapestries have a painterly quality. Weaving satisfied my interest in layering color. Often I drew or used watercolors for the maquettes for the tapestries. I have now taken that a step further and decided to paint again after many years. For me it is a new, fresh and interesting artistic exploration.


Work in Architecture

NMAI: Ceremonial East Entry Doors-Door Pulls

Architectural work is still one of my special interests as I get to work with teams of people on large-scale projects in a variety of materials. Each client and project is unique and involves engineering and structural design that is not part of my normal studio art making. There are different challenges to be solved and the end products have a different kind of permanence and signature.


Work in Tapestry

Nebula 11B resizedOver 30 years ago I opened my studio weaving tapestries. This continued through 2009 when I began exploring other media. I wove tapestries that were based in traditional Native American aesthetics as well as my own contemporary design explorations. My studio also wove select tapestries for contemporary artist Kenneth Noland, and architect Frank Lloyd Wright (for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation). The expression of woven elements, fabric, and layered color now continues in other media.


Work in Product Design


In addition to my artwork I have designed products for the Smithsonian Mail Order Catalogue, Pendleton Blankets for Dewey Trading, and specialty accessories for museum shops.

As an extension of my art and design work I have been designing a line of homewares and accessories, and am excited to announce the launch of the first two products. Silk scarves, available in four different designs, and greeting cards will soon be available.

Products will be sold in select gift shops, which will be listed at Be sure to see them first at the La Fonda Hotel gift shop in Santa Fe, NM. More products and outlets are in the works, and will be announced here and at as they become available.